The Important Day

 Wedding Photography Weddings are an important day for family and friends to celebrate the coming of two people. It can be an emotional time in planning a wedding, and we have to sometimes be objective in the wedding process. To start with you have to have a realistic budget, and stand by it. It is not a good financial way to start off a marriage. Gone is the archaic practice of the bride’s parents paying for the wedding. Today the couple usually pays for the wedding. If the parents contribute fine, if they don’t that is fine also. Go get your wedding license at city or town hall. Follow the stipulations to get that license.

The second thing a couple must do is pick a place to have the wedding and reception. Certain times of the year, and certain places are busier than others. Juneand October are the top months. Booking a popular place a year in advance is a must. Weekends and certain holidays go fast. Booking during the week is usually not the norm, but at this time a couple can save a lot of money. It is more available, and the food prices are less expensive. This might be a good idea if most of the guests are local, or your on a tight budget. Is is going to be a cash or open bar? An open bar could be expensive,but there could be a limit of how many free drinks a guest can have. Most guests expect to pay for their drinks. Also January is the slowest time of the year for weddings. Rental of a hall is cheaper, and sometimes negotiable. A winter wedding, can just as beautiful as a fall or spring one.

Next pick out the wedding clothes. Is is going to be a wedding dress or a new dress? What color, and what style? Is the groom going to rent a tux, or get a suit? I bought my dress off a rack for $200.00, and till this day I love that dress. Another cost is alternations. If you order a dress the wait can be months, and it is going to cost you. Tuxes have to be ordered early for the best man and the groomsman. The couple decide on the color for the wedding party. If you get bridesmaid dresses, remember these dresses are not going to be worn again. Another alternative is for the bridesmaids to pick out a cocktail or a formal dress that she can wear again. Remember these girls usually pay for these dresses. Also the bride and groom should thank the groomsmen, flower girl ring bearer,and bridesmaids with a gift.

Next what kind of entertainment is the couple going to have. If you get a band or DJ get a contract. Weddings_IndianWedding_PlanningOptions_CeremonyAsk how much, and how long they are going to play. Are they reputable,and will they show up on time? Ask for references. What kind of music? A fun wedding has great entertainment. Remember you have to include the cost of the meal for the band or DJ. Flowers are less expensive if they are in season. No matter what you get, they are going to look beautiful. Get a contract,and make sure they deliver. The closer the florist is to the wedding and reception the less expensive. Also the couple can decide who gets the flowers from each table after the wedding. Ordering invitations from a printer might be less expensive than a wedding shop.

After you come back from the honeymoon, get your thank you cards out, and handwrite each one. In the note,thank the person for the gift whether you both like the gift or not. Never send a mimeographed thank you note. It is tacky, and impersonal. Get a good photographer, and a contract. Ask for their work, and references. Tell the photographer what kind of pictures you want. On your wedding day makeup is a good idea. It brings out the best features,and it will show up in the photographs. After the wedding remember it is one of many memories in a marriage. It is the beginning of a journey for a couple.