Experience of living in Scottsdale retirement village

Healthcare You Don’t Have To Travel For

Every resident/member of Manor Village has a personalized wellness plan. The “Wellness Coordinator” works with you and your family physician to help determine exactly what it will take to preserve the residents independence and mobility for as long as possible. Residents know they need never hesitate to ask questions about their own health, and that they can count on getting honest answers.

If the healthcare team has any concerns they will refer you to your own doctor and also make any arrangements necessary for appointments or visits to the hospital. There are specialists on site well qualified to handle such things as massage therapy and sleep issues, as well as a geriatric pharmacist. There is no need to wait weeks for an appointment when all that you need is available right where you live.

A senior’s vital signs require more frequent, regular monitoring to ensure their best chance for continued health. That can be extremely inconvenient to those responsible for getting themselves to and from the doctors office. Follow up assessments are necessary and the best part about them at Village Manor is residents don’t even have to worry about making an appointment or how they are going to get there.

Frank discussions and education are vital. The wellness team ensures that residents and their families are kept up to date on the latest in senior healthcare. Plans are monitored closely and updated as necessary. When, or if circumstances change the team will be ready to implement a new plan and do what must be done to maintain residents health and comfort.