Experience of living in Scottsdale retirement village

Restaurant Style Dining at “Home”

Manor Village has an Executive Chef in their kitchen that cares about every plate of food served. Food is never prepared in advance, then frozen until needed. Meals are served in an elegant dining room with individual tables, not cafeteria style while sitting at a long table on a bench. For most of us, the atmosphere of where you eat is just as important as the quality of what’s on your plate.

Family and friends are welcome to join you for a meal and see for themselves that quality and courteous service are not lacking in the Manor Village dining room. As our digestive systems age more care needs to be taken on what kind of food we eat as well as how it’s prepared. Healthy eating does not have to mean uninteresting dishes with no real flavor.

The chef at Manor Village creates delicious food from a recipe book developed by experts specifically for senior digestions. You would never know from the taste that unhealthy additives, glutens, refined sugars and processed flour are not part of the menu. The kitchen’s policy is simple and faithfully followed, “fresh, local and as natural as possible.”

Often, when a person eats something is just as important as what it is. High fiber foods are served for breakfast and lunch when metabolism is at its peak, and fruits at the start of evening meals because they don’t need as much time to digest as the main course will. Village Manor’s chef and staff are well aware of what it takes to serve healthy yet tasty meals, and it shows in every plate that leaves the kitchen.